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Blogilates Fit Journal 2.0



If you thought the last Fit Journal was cool, this one is going to BLOW YOU AWAY! I collaborated with an amazing European artist on the cover, the gorgeous calendar girls, and I poured my heart into every single page of this book.

Writing down your progress has been PROVEN to help people lose weight successfully. Because I am a huge advocate of being honest with yourself on paper, I created the Blogilates Fit Journal to help you sculpt your best body and life in the most beautiful way possible.

I wanted to bring beauty into fitness with the Blogilates Fit Journal 2.0. My goal was to have you open it, smile, be happy to work out, and be motivated to eat clean! Your fitness journey should be something you love and look forward to everyday.

In this journal you will find:

-Personal motivational letters from Cassey

-84 full daily pages where you can record your food, your workouts, your sleep, and recap your day in detail

-14 hand painted, beautiful calendar girls who represent the strong, vibrant, and unstoppable POPsters from around the world

-12 of my favorite inspirational sayings

-12 grocery list pages

-12 progress report pages

-2 Detailed Body Measurement Pages

-2 “Before and After” photo galleries

-Inspiration Board

-Goal Setting Page

-Final % change formula page for your measurements

You will be able to use this 12 week journal as your personal diary of your transformation. It’s going to be a period of your life that you will never forget. The moment you open your journal is the moment you are deciding to finally live the life you DESERVE. You WILL get that body that you’re dreaming of. There’s nothing that can hold you back.


all other countries - $5 flat rate

Dimensions: 5" x 7"

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Rachel last year

I was really enthusiastic about this product when it first launched, so I bought two! This fit journal is so beautiful and organized neatly. My first pen worked through the entire 12 weeks, but my second pen lasted only 3 weeks. I feel like the message behind this journal makes it a very special item, and with all of the inspirational quotes and how a contract is included inside, there is something POPster-esque about this journal that is like creating a story for yourself and being the author of a wonderful chapter in your life. A very satisfying purchase indeed!

anonymous last year

This is tottally an amazing journal. It gives me the motivation I need. It also keeps me from cheat meals!!

Jessica last year

My journal arrived today and I love it, thank you so much! I have the same problem as everyone else in regards to the pen except my didn't work at all which is disappointing. Apart from that I'm very happy with my order :)

Kate last year

i love it! the pen did become a problem but thats the only thing! it inspired me to become the healthy me i am!

Ally last year

The Fit Journal is great! I love that you can keep track of your meals as well as your workout and water intake. I will say though that the boxes for the food log are a little small to describe everything, but it's still great. However, the pen is so faint and is running out even though I'm only my second week.

Alexandra 2 years ago

The fit journal is great for keeping me on track, not the mention the beautiful design! I wish that the daily food logs had more space to write in them though, because I could write the ingredients that I use in my meals.

Georgia 2 years ago

I am very happy with my fit journal. It makes me want to write down what I eat and when I workout. It was a bit smaller than I orignally though but I still find this very useful. The only bad thing I have to say about it is the pen. The ink is faded and doesn't stand out at all. I do like how it is an erasable pen though. Thankyou Cassey :) xx