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Long Sleeve Blogilates Heart Top Black


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Crew neck slim fitting cotton long sleeves to keep you cozy! The top is silkscreened with a heart filled in with everything that Blogilates embodies. See how many things you can identify!

For sizing: please view the size chart in the gallery.

The Blogilates heart design was hand drawn by Cassey with no eraser or pencil. It was all drawn in pen and took over 7 hours straight to complete.

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Anna 5 years ago

I've always found it difficult to find long-sleeved tops that I actually like... I have a huge affinity for dresses, but I realized that I needed some more tops in my attire. I ordered a size up, as there weren't any more available in my size... I'm glad I did, because this was a little more fitted than the other top and jacket I purchased... so this actually ended up being the perfect size. Also: Cassey is an amazing artist! The little photos in the heart are so adorable and incorporate healthy living images that portray Blogilates to a T. I love being able to represent healthy living by wearing this top. I only wish there were still other tops that had this image for sale on the site. I do love the "Muffin tops are for muffins only" and the "Train insane or remain the same" tops, but this still remains my absolute favorite.