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Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Detox Water Bottle


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This flavor-enhancing water bottle holds your fruits and vegetables beautifully in a convenient infusing compartment perfect for making detox waters on-the-go. The translucent colored cap matches the inside filter and makes for a luscious display of color. Composed of BPA Free, super durable Tritan acrylic. 24 fl oz.

Recipe Featured:

Fat Burning Detox Water
(for one 24 oz serving)
- 1 strawberry, sliced
- 1/2 small cucumber, sliced
- 1/4 grapefruit, sliced into triangles
- ice water to fill

Why does this work?
*Grapefruit has a fat-burning enzyme (AMKP) or AMP-activited protein kinase) and can help to absorb and reduce the starch and sugar in the body.
*The red coloring in strawberries contains anthocyanins, which stimulate the burning of stored fat.
*Cucumbers prevent water retention and also have many anti-inflammatory properties.

Note: Replace regular water with detox water when keeping hydrated throughout the day. Also, try to replace fruits after 2 or 3 refills to make sure you optimize the benefits of drinking the detox water.